Our vision is to help passionate entrepreneurs to grow and better the world. We understand the challenge of being an entrepreneur, especially during the early stage of development. In our opinion, one should spend more time on product development, strategy planning etc., and least of the time on thinking about how to acquire enough fundings. So we are here to make it simple for you. We don't need a professional business plan with nice writing and pictures, we want to get to know you and your project and that's all.

We have listed 19 questions below, you can answer them in point form if you wish. Your answers will be confidential, Uni-Innovation will take on full responsibility if any information is released. We will get in touch with you within 24 hrs after your submission.  

Name *
Please submit the names of the essential group members. (Including mobile phone number and e-mail), graduate schools, work histories, and the roles they play in the team. If you have blog, LinkedIn, Github etc., please provide URL links. Other worthy prizes or special accomplishments are welcomed to surprise us.
Have your group members ever taken charge or taken part in one or more internet project (successful or not)? If so, provide us with the names and links of the products and what roles your team members played in that project.
3. How did you founders get to know each other? How long since you first met? Have you ever worked together on a project?
Tell us about your project. What sort of problem will your project solve? How will you solve the problem?
Please list one or more typical application scenarios of your project?
6. Have you launched your product or finished a demo prototype? If you do, please provide us URL or download links.
Are there any similar products on the market? Which one have you learned from? What are the differences between you and your major rivals? Why should we believe that you can do better?
How large is your product’s market capacity? How is this measured? How will the project profit? What is the potential business model? What are the potential risks?
Do you have any resources to support and promote the project?
Are all of the founders full time? If part time, how much can they devote their time into the project?
Have you established a company for your project? If so, please provide the names of the company and its shareholders, the proportion of shares, the company registered capital, actual investment amount, and options pool size. If the company has not yet been registered, please list the proportion of share holders to their shares, and the proportion of options pool you have reserved.
What was the salary of your last job? What are the salaries of your essential team members? If you do receive our investments, how much would you pay yourselves?
What is the size of your team? What is the monthly burn rate? Has the project already start generating income? If so, how much?
In your opinion, what are the three most important indicators when it comes to measuring the value of your project? How would you acquire the indicators? Please list the the data of the indicators in recent three months.
How much capital do you expect from us? And how much shares would you offer?
How would you utilize/distribute the financial capital? How long will the capital last before the next round? What will the fund help you to achieve?
Where do you live? If you received our investment, where would you locate the company at?
Besides finance, what is the greatest obstacle or difficulty of your project? What other help do you need?
If you have received investments before, how much did you get? And what was your pre-money valuation before the investments?