We have invested and worked alongside with many great startups both in China, Australia and North America. We are dedicated to bring our international business connections and resources, which include venture capital investments, consulting services, project matchmaking, and etc., to innovative startups in North America and Australia. We have a group of high standard investors whom we are willing to introducing to the selected startups in North America and Australia. The flexible relationship we have with our investors allows us to make investments as a group, as well as individuals. When we invest in the startups, we would also encourage them to take advantage of our international connections, especially the ones who are targeting the Chinese market. 

Our focus is to help early stage startups in the field of technology to grow exponentially. We make early stage investments such as seeding and angel (from $100,000 to $2,000,000) to promising entrepreneurs who are innovative and passionate. Our sufficient funding connections (including our own VC fund) allow us to walk alongside with the startups and support them through the series round.

We invest in companies that have developed prototype and have already achieved certain milestones, in the areas below:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Health, Life Science
  • Fintech