Uni-Innovation Group was established in 2013, it has locations in Canada, Australia, France, and China. Uni-Innovation Group has also founded iNet Plus International Ventures (INP). Uni-Innovation Group is devoted to provide complete incubation services, venture capital funds for high tech startups. In addition to this, it provides companies consultation on the Chinese market entry, and providing accurate and meticulous services for Chinese enterprises to search, purchase or merge advanced technologies overseas. 

Our vision

We help great dreams grow into great businesses.

We believe in people with great dreams who are eager to change the world for better. And we want to play a part in that as well by bringing our expertise and resources into the process. What we don't do is working for capitals to gain more capitals. We believe that capitals are only here to serve the dreams. Our vision is to devote our resources and capitals to people with great dreams and ideas and see them grow. This is something tangible. 

OUR Resources in China

  • Reached a cooperative partnership with Ceprei (Nanjing Branch) for carrying out industrial incubation in functional safety and big data technology.
  • Tianjin Union Newco Technology Service Co. Ltd was set up in China, establishing a national wide network, which sets up an ecosystem between industry clusters throughout China. In 2016, the company gas entered into a cooperative agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute of East China Branch for advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, advanced medical equipment and technology for automotive and industrial matchmaking and incubation services.
  • Uni-Innovation Group and China Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology jointly has established the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Platform and High-Tech Project Management Services National Centre, with its core location in Beijing.


  • Co-established the Wheat Valley internet incubation base in Tianjin with CAPIII. This providing an incubation platform for innovative startups in the field of intellectual manufacturing, Internet application, and 3D printing.

What We've Achieved

Since the Group was established three years ago, the international venture capital brand INP has been successfully implemented Angel investors and business incubation services in Canada and Australia, and has introduced outstanding Chinese investors to five technology startups in Canada and Australia. Within these give startups, the Australian mobile payment platform project Royalpay has became the technology giant – Tencent’s micro-channel pay’s important strategic partner in Australia; the big data waterlogging prevention project from U.S. has gained the support from Chinese Department of Housing and the National Development and Reform Commission. INP has also successfully introduced 17 startup projects to its domestic partners in China. We are committed to building a professional exchange platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and strategic partners; and to provide professional investment and M&A advisory service.